We have adopted Harper!
She stays forever.

We are so impressed with Harper we are evaluating her to possibly be a Camp Joyce pack leader. That is asking a lot of a female Cane Corso. The potential is there.


Foster Dog Chula
Foster Dog Chula

Welcome Harper to Camp Joyce!

Chula has been such a positive experience we thought we could help another doggie. Many folks who are interested in adopting already have at least one dog in their house already. It’s important for them to have an idea of what to expect.

Harper is the polar opposite of Chula. She’s large and goofy, sweet and wiggly. Extremely human friendly. Chula has been with her for a few days now. Chula seems to be ok with her. If Harper spends too much time in her face, Chula will “raise a lip”. Chula takes time to accept people and so it goes with Harper. I have no doubts about their compatibility. I see Chula more accepting of her each day. It’s nice to watch.

Harper is a female Cane Corso. Her head is 100% Corso, but, from the neck down she is all Great Dane. At 2 years old I believe her to be full grown. She will add weight to her frame over the next couple of years. I have not weighed her, but she’s at least 80+lbs. She will likely top out at 100+ lbs. You should know in advance this means an approximate 10 year life span.

She will need an owner experienced with dominate large breeds. Click here to learn more about the Cane Corso breed. When SRJAS had her play with another dominant female, a pitty, it was a no go. To be fair, neither dog has a pack anymore. Not having the hierarchy  of an established pack will have some dogs positioning  to be alpha. Over the next few weeks we will work on her social skills with other dogs.

Harper accepts new humans like she has know them for years. While at the shelter she seemed to love everyone. The staff and volunteers love her. She will “lean” on you in typical Dane fashion. Her physical mannerisms are all Great Dane. She gallops like a horse. When she lays on her bed she brings her back feet up under her chin.

Someone put a lot of work into this girl. She is very well behaved and has very nice manners. We are grateful for that! Sit, down and stay are already programmed. When Chula and I go down to the office, Harper waits patiently at the top of the stairs to be invited. You touch her dog bed and say “down” and down she goes.


Female / not spayed yet

Age 2

Cane Corso, Italian Mastiff



Plush toys

Belly Rubs, any attention

Food. Lots of it.


Very Human friendly

House Trained

Stairs are no problem

Comes when called

Excellent listener

Rides well in the car. Although she will want to sit upfront. I do not let her.

Watch dog

Basic obedience well established

Light shedder if brushed regularly

Foster Thoughts

Harper will drag you on leash, if you let her. In the short time I spent with her on leash at the shelter, she was easily corrected into a proper walk. We will work leash training and venture into the neighborhood. We’ll test to see how she reacts to other doggies.

She is extremely attentive. As we walk in the yard (no leash yet) she will have her head on my right hand. Much to my surprise she loves to play fetch. With a large breed we feed her from a raised bowl. No ball playing for at least two hours after feeding. We do not want to risk bloat.

She is a natural watch dog. If someone is at your door, or a strange person appears without your approval, she is wary. Once the person has your approval she is at ease.

Treats are only a mild motivator.

We have come to learn she has issues with men. Men put her on edge. Does not like them. Have had three sessions with my dad. She is still very wary of him.

She will require an owner experienced with the Cane Corso breed.

Foster Family for SJRAS

South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter (SJRAS)
1244 North Delsea Drive
Vineland, NJ 08360


Meet and Greet?

Would you like to meet one of our foster dogs? If you would like to meet any of our foster doggies please contact me or the shelter. We will arrange for a convenient time to do a Meet and Greet at the shelter!

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