Chula Palooza

Foster Dog Chula
Foster Dog Chula

Please meet Chula!

After the Bulldog went to be with our other beloved doggies it left our home without any pups. First time since 1988.

We decided to do some fostering again for South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter. We’ll call it a soft reopening of Camp Joyce.

Chula is a 6 year old female. She is a very shy girl. She needs some confidence building. I have not heard a peep from her….quiet as a church mouse. Crate and potty trained and walks well on a leash in our fenced in yard.
She is doing very well and is ridiculously sweet.

Chula Update Week 2

My beautiful friend has come out of her shell much more. She has bonded with me and is on my heels wherever I go. Still unsure about lots of things but, she makes progress everyday.

Someone broke this girls heart. She has an ever present look of uncertainty and fear. Even when she’s running and wagging her tail and being silly.

She is very well mannered. Silent, except when she shakes her tags to let you know she needs to go out.
Even in the early stages when she would throw a fit if you tried to pick her up or bring her out of her crate, never an ounce of aggression or fear of a nip. She is very sweet natured.

Excellent, low maintenance doggy and will reward a patient human with unending loyalty and love.
She truly deserves a forever home.

Please share with your friends to help her in her journey.

Chula Week 4 – Ready for Her Forever Home

Chula in the office

When I look into her eyes my heart breaks. She has seen or been through something that has greatly affected her. She likes being massaged and mully grubbed, but, even then, her eyes hold a deep sorrow.

Despite the constant sadness in her eyes she never mopes or feels sorry for herself. I constantly get tail wags and attentiveness.

She is standoffish, although she will come to me if called and loves to be rubbed on. She does not seek attention. She’s extremely comfortable snoozing on the dog bed while I work.

I let her have her space. When you see her wag her tail and she races through your yard your heart will soar. She loves to explore and sniff everything in the yard. Sometimes she will just stand in the yard with her nose to the wind taking it all in.

She is such a good girl. I imagine a senior adopting her for companionship and love. The fact that she is mild mannered and easy to care for makes her a perfect pet for many older folks.

Our goal is for Chula to find her forever home before the first week in December. We are going on a short vacation. I do not want her to go back to the shelter while we are away.

Such a great little doggie. Please share with your family and friends and see if we can give this deserving girl a forever home.

Chula having fun

Chula Continues to Surprise

We hoped adding another dog to our house would help balance Chula a bit. It has been successful so far!

More on the new doggie later. For now, know that she’s huge and her name is Harper. Chula’s “door” dilemma (won’t go thru door if I am standing near the doorway) has been greatly minimized. The addition of a sociable pack mate has helped her with such struggles. When I move, we all move. No need to coax Chula to come up the stairs or go outside, she is right there with Harper. Chula even got involved with Harper and I playing fetch. I almost crapped myself. She ran back and forth with Harper and even grabbed the ball once.

We have seen a new side to Chula. More active, more dog like. Less time in her crate or glued to her bed. I believe it to be a combination of comfort from having another dog in the house and a bit of being afraid she might miss something. Either way it’s a nice change.

Chula-sharing-bedWhen I make lunch there’s Harper waiting for something and I’ll be damned if Chula isn’t right there too. Prior to Harpers arrival Chula was hard pressed to take a treat out of your hand.

Harper is a big goofus and it was killing her that Chula wanted nothing to do with her. It only took a few days for that to change. Chula is still cautious, although she no longer panics when the big girl runs at her at full gallop.

Chula has even allowed Harper to share her dog bed.

Harper is a natural watch dog and will bark when I she hears anyone come home…Chula will bark too!

We love that Chula continues to surprise us. Please open your home and heart to this little girl. You won’t be sorry.
Please share this with your friends. We need to find our wonderful friend a forever home before the first week in December.


This little angel just seems more and more comfortable with things. She loves her new sweater! I do not believe it’s the first time in one for her. I was able to put it on with zero fuss. She wears it like a boss! She has been chasing “The Big Pretty” (Harper) while playing fetch. It’s heart warming to watch Chula enjoy herself. This sweetheart will warm your soul and fill your home with love. Having other animals in the house is a plus.

Even though her new pack mate is a giantess, Chula seems to be taken with her. They each have their own dog beds (in every room) they frequently share the same one. They love being outside. Chula will sniff every square inch of the yard. Chula has been running along while we play fetch and gets so excited playing. I am positive you will fall in love with her like we have. Please help Chula find her forever home.

Chula sweater
Chula sweater
Chula sweater


Female / spayed

Age 6

Mixed Breed. Reminds me of a Jack Russel/Dachshund mix



Bones from the Amish Market

Belly Rubs

Fleece blankets

Really shines outside!


Toys that make noise. No squeaky toys for her.


Very Sweet

House Trained

Crate Trained

Good Eater

Stairs are no problem

Walks well on leash

Comes when called

Rides very well in the car

Quiet as a Churchmouse With her new pack mate she’ll bark when she barks!

Zero Aggression

Foster Thoughts

Chula walks well on a leash. I only walk her in my fenced yard. (most of the time she’s off leash) She’s so skittish I worry that on the street she might be spooked and pull out of her collar. I got her a “step through harness”, but, she was able to back right out of it. We were trying to walk thru the door at the shelter.

She struggles a bit with doors. If I am in the doorway (or close to it), she will not come in. If I step away she comes right in and quickly goes to her bed. Her beds are her safe zones. She has a dog bed in the three places she spends the most time. Our bedroom, dining room and my office. If she has a “safe place” she’s good. She is also very comfortable in a crate. She needs no prodding to go in. She feels safe there.

I take her to visit my mom and dad. No crate or bed. She cautiously explores the space, but settles quickly. She’s lays down on the floor behind my chair. She’ll accept my dad coming over to her to quietly fuss over her. She’ll take treats from my mom.

She will not eat if I am in the room with her. She goes to her bed and waits for me to leave the kitchen. She loves to eat!

She really does not like being picked up. If you do it quickly and confidently she won’t have the opportunity to spaz out. But man does she hate it. Amazingly she holds no grudges. Once she’s in your arms she’s fine.

I am really pleased she has been such a good experience. It has been a while since we fostered. She is a sweet and easy dog to be with. Truly a pleasure.

Foster Family for SJRAS

South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter (SJRAS)
1244 North Delsea Drive
Vineland, NJ 08360


Meet and Greet?

Would you like to meet one of our foster dogs? If you would like to meet any of our foster doggies please contact me or the shelter. We will arrange for a convenient time to do a Meet and Greet at the shelter!

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