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owner - George Edgar Joyce III

George Edgar Joyce III

George is a sole proprietor and loves his work. He’s been an entrepreneur for many years. George has been a long time Macintosh user since the Apple first debuted back in 1984. In all of his various endeavors he always found a use for his Mac.

George spent a couple of years in Vegas and about 12 years in Los Angeles. One of the many “hats” he wore was that of tour manager for Richard Pryor and Pauly Shore. He was also the technical director for the world famous Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip in Beverly Hills. In addition he spent a few years as a writer for “The All New Dating Game” and “The All New Newlywed Game”. He was also an agent for a large talent agency in Beverly Hills specializing in comedians. When the business ran into financial difficulties, George took several of the clients and started his own highly succesful booking agency targeting colleges.

During this period on the west coast, George met his wife, Nikki, on a blind date. They moved back to the east coast after the “big” earthquake in Los Angeles back in 1994. They wanted to be closer to George’s family. They have been married since 1992.

Around the same time the “cigar boon” was in it’s infancy, as was the internet. Along with his trusty computer and some incredible luck he created a handcrafted cigar humidor business that eventually was leveraged into several Rebel Valley Cigar Superstores in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. George is credited with having one of the first businesses on the internet that sold a manufactured product. Previous to that, the internet was mainly a source of information and the sale of books and other media were all that was available.

After the sale of his business’ George wanted to avoid retail and create a company that allowed him to be creative and spend all of his time on his Macintosh. Web design was a natural transition. In January of 1999 George started what is known today as JoyceMedia.

About a year after starting JoyceMedia, George and Nikki were blessed with 3 little girls. Although parenting is new to them, they love every minute of it. (Ok, maybe not every minute.)

George decided to build an office in his home to be there for the girls whenever needed. It seems most schools have more days off than should be allowed by law. His wife Nikki is a travel agent and cannot always have the flexible schedule required with three school aged children.
And as long as you’re reading this, if you need a veteran travel agent who knows her business, give her a holler. It doesn’t make a difference where you live, she can take care of you. 856-740-0457 (Liberty Travel, ask for Nikki) or send her an email…
George spends many long hours working at JoyceMedia. The addition of children and an ever increasing client list has led George into a few “odd” hobbies. His favorite is his collection of tarantulas. At one time, George has more than 20 of them. Some as large as a dinner plate! (there are over 800 species of tarantulas with stunning colors and habits.) It was a hobby that could be maintained without ever having to leave his office. I have since sold them off. His “out of office” pets, who get to live with the rest of the family, are Benjamin, Cane Corso Mastiff, Sheldon, Neapolitan Mastiff and our latest fulltimer, Bulldog. We also foster dogs for our local SPCA We teach them manners, heal them and find them a forever home.And no, George doesn’t always refer to himself in the third person.In October 2009 George and Nikki were blessed with their granddaughter.
In September 2010 George and Nikki were blessed with a grandson. Oy.

We’ve lost our 2 girls in the last year.
Cuba and Notta R.I.P.

my daughters… and granddaughter
daughter and granddaughter